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Universal Super Glue (50% OFF)

Universal Super Glue (50% OFF)

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For a quick fix on the go, Uniglue forms an insanely strong bond to a wide variety of repairs and projects with its fast-drying, water-resistant formula. Simply apply within 30 seconds and wait for the long-lasting magic. 100% Waterproof, solvent-free, UV and weather resistant for optimal, long-lasting adhesive strength.

Strong glue without mess! Universal Super Glue is your greatest helper in repairing all the broken items you have!

The adhesive has excellent performance it works great on various surfaces including metal, leather, cork, ceramic, wood, fabric rubber and many more!

100% waterproof and has superior weather resistance . Sit down in 30 seconds and wait for the long-lasting magic !

Universal Super Glue is proven to deliver superior performance compared to regular super glues! Repair your stuff quickly and easily !

Why are our customers so enthusiastic about the Universal Super Glue?

  • Impact Adhesive - The unique liquid formula penetrates into the smallest micro-fractures, pores and cracks to increase impact resistance and strength . Never lose the adhesive!

  • A real instant solution - Achieves maximum tack in 15-30 seconds . Dries clear with no strong odor .

  • Long lasting finish - 100% Waterproof, solvent free, UV and weather resistant. Also paintable for further polishing.
  • Works on a Variety of Surfaces - Use on a variety of surfaces including metal, leather, cork, ceramic, wood, chipboard, fabric, paper, cardboard, rubber and most plastics. Can be applied to flat, vertical, uneven and above ground surfaces .

  • Precise Application - The pointed nozzle ensures precise application without dripping and seepage . Extra long tip for easy use on hard to reach surfaces.
  • Wide Applications - Ideal for bonding DIY wood trim, repairing cracked items/furniture, sticking wall decor and more .

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