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Jaguar Dashboard Phone Holder for Car

Jaguar Dashboard Phone Holder for Car

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Ride In Style
The Jaguar Phone Mount may look like a beautifully crafted phone stand but it's a statement of style !!!
360° Rotation
The phone mount has the ability to rotate 360° for maximum viewing coverage from anywhere in the car!
Anti-Slip Design
The contact points are fitted with Anti-Slip Rubber pads for maximum grip  to make sure the phone stays in and does not come out.

Claw Grip
The Claw Grip of the mount is just as strong as the big wild cats', the phone will never come out of the grip, the road bumps can not do anything about it!


Product Type: Automotive Accessories.
Material(s): ABS Plastic, Silicone.
Product Size: 15(L) X 8(B) X 8(H) cm 
Product Code:- 660001
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