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Drain Mesh Stickers

Drain Mesh Stickers

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Drain Mesh Stickers

Convenient and Efficient for bathtub and shower drain. It is designed to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness. 

When the drain cover catches enough hair, simply peel it off, no more cleaning, and just enjoy your shower.

Prevents Clogs Fine mesh design of the stopper can effectively catch hair and other debris, and also allow drains to water quickly. No need to spend a lot of time cleaning up sewer blockages, and save your time.

It is perfect for bathroom, bathtub, kitchen, balconies, laundry rooms, dining, bar, hotel, etc. Essential tool for home, especially family with.

Easy to Install and Remove The hair drain cover can be sticked to the floor easily, very easy to install. Just press firmly on the drain cap and it will stay in place. Simply pell it off after use.

  • CLOG PREVENTION SHOWER DRAIN HAIR CATCHER: The self-adhesive shower drain hair catcher is a practical bathroom accessory designed to tackle the common problem of clogged drains. These efficient mesh stickers can catch and trap hair before it enters your drain, ensuring a smooth flow of water, and keeping your plumbing free from obstruction.

  • EASY OF USE: Universal compatibility, measured size is 10x10cm(3.9 inches)Simply peel off the backing, place the catcher over the drain, and press down to secure it in place. With a pack of 20 pieces, you can consistently protect your drains and avoid the hassle of clogged pipes and the need for costly repairs.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Each shower drain hair catcher sticker is constructed using a premium plastic material that not only offers impressive durability but is also designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, enduring the heat and consistent water flow without easily tearing or losing adhesion.

OPTIMAL FILTRATION: The fine mesh structure of each sticker is designed with precision to effectively trap even the strands of hair without hindering water drainage. The hair catcher ensures a seamless blend of functionality, catching hair at the source while maintaining a rapid, uninterrupted flow of water.

VERSATILITY: This shower drain hair catcher goes beyond the bathroom. Its usefulness extends to kitchen sinks and any other drains susceptible to clogging, providing a versatile solution for preventing clogs throughout your home. Regardless of whether hair, food particles, or other debris are the concern, your drains remain protected, promoting cleanliness.


  • MaterialPlastic 

Package Includes:

  • Pack of 10 Strainer Sticker
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